Who Am I? I’m A Retro Sweets Lover, That’s Who!


Hi everyone.  Let me introduce myself.

My name is Julie and I am a sweets addict.  My friends call me the sweetest tooth in the world.

But don’t get me wrong, I am very particular about what confectionery passes my lips.  I like modern chocolate bars and all that but my real passion is for old fasioned sweets – the sweets that you loved as a kid from your local sweetshop but which you have to really hunt hard to find these days.

This blog is a nostalgic trip into the world of the traditional sweets that I love.  Care to join me?  I am going to be starting off by talking about:

I hope you enjoy my trip into the world of my favourite confectionery.

Classic retro sweets

Classic retro sweets

Cheap Retro Sweets

I know I know… 2 posts in 1 day.  But I just had to share this with you.

I found this new site today that sells a limited range of retro sweets very cheap.  Ok the range isn’t great but who cares if they sell the traditional confectionery that’s your favourite at such stupidly low prices (everything is under £1.50!).

Check out http://www.cheapretrosweets.co.uk – it does exactly what is says in the name!




Retro Sweets as Secret Santa Gifts

Do you know about the listmania lists on Amazon?  I didn’t either.

Anyway, they are where people can create like “best ever” list and I found this really cool one for secret santa gifts – you know, the presents that you give to someone else in the offiec when you pull their name out of the hat and you have to play Father Christmas and buy them a stocking filler sized present.

And I found this list Secret Santa Gifts Ideas – Retro Sweets And Nostalgic Gems and it’s brilliant!  Take a look and see if you agree.

Here’s an idea of the sort of things on it…

Secret Santa Gifts Ideas - Retro Sweets And Nostalgic Gems

Secret Santa Gifts Ideas – Retro Sweets And Nostalgic Gems

You might notice that it features my current favourite thing in the world.  It’s a stunning cartoon decorated box that is jam packed of my favourite retro sweets.

Not Completely Unrelated to Old Fashioned Sweets

I dropped a toffee last week and it got well and truly trodden into the carpet.  I thought it was going to be ruined (the carpet I mean – the toffee was long since uneatable) so I searched online to find if there was any way to rescue the situation.

Anyway I found this great site all about steam cleaners.  I bought the one that they recommended (saving myself a pretty penny in the process I might add) and lo and behold my carpet looks as good as new.

So I didn’t have to buy a new one.  And I didn’t have to use any horrid chemicals to do the job.  So a big shout out from me to beststeamcleaner.org.uk.  Thanks guys.